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Dooordarshan – Advertisements of the Doordarshan Times!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

First of all, happy new year and new decade to you, folks! 😀

This one proved to one of the best pass times on the internet in my case some time back. Watching old ads! The ads are not just simple and naïve, but they get you a nostalgic feeling too. Were they really good or not, I do not know, but that was the only option to view then! Some of them would still make for good ads in today’s world. Please have a look.

The Symbol!

Gold Spot Zing Thing

In the second ad in the video, it is Kitu Gidwani! Total YouTube hits: 15k approx.

LIRIL Ad 1985

This was the reshot of ad in 1975. The 1975 ad featured Karen Lunel, an airhostess with Indian Airlines in green bikini on the only national channel then! It was fine in those days as much as it is now. There were rumors that she died in a fatal accident. The accident did happen, but she survived after some stitches. This ad was only to ascertain that she is alive. Oh, and LIRIL is still my favorite soap, from childhood. I never knew the reason why I liked this soap particularly, but it seems this is the reason! Okay, there is a reason to bath daily now. Economic Times interviewed her in August 2009 and they contacted her through her son’s comment on her own YouTube video! She lives in New Zealand. Total YouTube hits: 2,22k approx.

DoodhDoodh Doodh

This was a much advanced ad compared to others but this had two different version of the ad. This one was shorter so I thought of embedding here. Total YouTube Hits: 31k approx.


Dhara Dhara Shudh Dhara! This was the famous ad where a boy wants to leave home but goes back home because of his temptation for Jalebees! Total YouTube hits: 275k

Surf Lalitaji

I don’t know in which years was this commercial famous, but noteworthy is its last line, ‘jee haan, Surf ke kharidari me hi samazadaari hain’ (Buying Surf makes sense). But at the same time, when the above line is being said; it shows two bottles of same size, one of half kg, and other of 1 kg! What makes sense? Total YouTube hits: 75k


The video shows Rajkumar Hirani as the model in it, who is also the director of the ad. He is the director of Munnabhai series. Total YouTube hits: 58k

Chal Meri Luna!

This one is my favorite. Small, simple and the jingle is melodious as well as it fits well with the rhyme used. But, I do not see any particular company name behind this! I think it was promoted by the Govt. to encourage more people to buy lunas. I don’t know! Total YouTube hits: Only 32k

Jab Main Chhota Bacha Thaa – Bajaj

This one is only 20 seconds long and you will suddenly recall the jingle of the ad. It is hard to forget it! It is from the times of ’80s. Total YouTube hits: Only 18k

Lijjat Papad

Karram kurram, kurram karram! This is the ad that featured the famous ‘speaking doll’ by Sharad Padhye of the ‘90s. Have a look. Total Youtube Hits: 20k approx.

Cadbury Cricket Ad!

Just watch this! The model doesn’t seem to dance naturally out of joy and not as a part of the commercial! There are many other good Cadbury ads with the same motivating lyrics, which you can get by clicking on the video below and then searching for ‘Related Videos’ in YouTube. Total YouTube hits: 11k approx.

There might be many more interesting ones out there on the web. These were just a sample!

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  1. Thursday, January 7, 2010 3:14 am

    truly nostalgic … 🙂

  2. nps permalink
    Friday, October 7, 2011 2:26 am

    Luna is from Kinetic Engineering who later came up with Kinetic Honda.

  3. puppy permalink
    Wednesday, June 11, 2014 7:53 pm

    wonderful times of my childhood

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