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Gunda : What A Movie…

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Okay, I am back to post after a long time. I had lost internet connection for some time, courtesy rains and courtesy BSNL. Well, I do not want to write anything with facts and stats, analyses, on economy, business, politics or whatever this time, or rather from now onwards. I have not even been in touch about current affairs from some time, as all the time I am busy enjoying and watching movies.


This last month, I watched some four movies, starting from Paying Guest, then Terminator Salvation, and finally Transformer: The Revenge of the Fallen. After these three, I watched a movie named Gunda. Most people call it a cheap B – grade flick, and adding to it the fact that Mithun – da has acted in it, most elite watchers leave it there. Nevertheless, then even most people believed that the earth is flat and it turned out wrong, right? This is a logical fallacy called as Argumentum ad populum.

Right from the start until the end, the movie is full of rhymes, and one cannot stop oneself from enjoying it! The comments about the movie on IMDB seemed great, and I do not think any B – grade movie has ever achieved any feat like that. In Transformers, the hero is saved so many times that it becomes hard to believe the stuff we watch. However, in Gunda, the villain has to save himself some 200 times! There are aplenty of unbelievable stunts, but after I saw Transformers, do not know why but I found it less stupid!

Overall, it is a great comedy pack with action that would put behind the Terminator (s). Caution, it is to be viewed only by above 18, and I would rather not recommended it to females because of the tremendous cheap obscenity. Ishrat Ali was at his best! The names of characters are Lamboo Ataa (played by Ishrat Ali), Pote (Mohan Joshi), Bulla (Mukesh Rishi), Chutiya (Shakti Kapoor), Ibu Hatela (Harish Patel), etc. Noteworthy fact is that these actors have acted in many quality movies, even by 1998. There is everything from fighting with bare hands to even rocket launchers. I think this movie has even sparked an inspiration for a video game series where Mithoon would be the protagonist, on a mission to kill the villains one by one.

These are some of the dialogues from the movie and I believe they are the greatest in any movie I ever saw! And they were all delivered at some serious scenes in the movie, which makes it all the more enjoyable! I think the actors couldn’t have stopped themselves from laughing.. Wonder to whom the Best Dialogue Award went in 1998… You need to watch the actual movie to enjoy these and some other great ones! Comment below and let me know which one you liked. 😀

Bheegi hui cigarette kabhi jalegi nahi,

Aur yeh tay hain ki, teri maut ki tarikh kabhi talegi nahin!

Aaj 1 tarikh hain, 2,4,6,8 aur dus,

Ab bass, dekhna main hota hoon kya tass se mass,

Jab train aati hain tab jaise station kaapta hain,

Waise meri khauff ke bukhaar se, tumhare andar ki hamdardi bhi kaapne lagegi

Jahan dekho wahan jurm hain, jahan dekho wahan paap,

Insaan aaj ke to hain, jurm aur paap me shaitaanon ke bhi baap

Mera naam hai Ibu Hatela,

Maa meri chudail ki cheli, baap mera shaitaan ka chela,

Khayega kela?

Mera naam hai pote,

Hum who hain joh apne baap ke bhi nahi hote,

Mera naam hai bulla,

Main rakhta hoon khulla,

Are a kundan,

Lagaaungi tuzko chandan,

Aur bhejungi tuze isi hawai jahaaj se London!

Inspector kale,

Ab lagnewaale,

Tere mooh pe, maut ke taale,

Kitna bada risk hain,

Teri maut ki date fixed hain

Are main to ek nariyal jaisa hoon,

Jo bahar se garam par andar se bada naram hoon,

Muze tum jaise garibon par badi hamdardi hain,

Hum samaaj ki karte hain seva,

Aur badle me dete hai gundon ko thoda mewa,

Hat jaao varna phaad ke rakh dunga,

Saamne ayaa koi toh gaad ke rakh dunga

Bhaiyya,  bhaiyya maine kya bura kiya,

Kisiki ijjat lutna bura hota hain kya?

Hum sab Ravan milke ab tuz jaise Ram ko maarnewale hain,

Itihaas hi nahi balki sabkuch ab se ulta likha jaayega aur padha jaayega

Are abhi to tere tube me light ayaa thee,

Aur Shankar ne to tera fuse hi udaa diya,

Waah, khote sikke ne kya baat hain boli,

Boli toh aise hai boli jaise ho koi bandook ki goli!

Are bulla,

tune khullam khulla,

Lamboo Ataa ko maut ke tawe me senk diya,

Uski laash ko Worli ke gutter me phek diya?

Villain: A kaun hai be tu?

Hero: Main hoon jurm se nafrat karnewaalaa,

sharifon ke liye jyoti, gundo ke liye jwaalaa,

Villain: Ab rakh dunga tuze banakar maut ke mooh ka niwaalaa, tere seene me gaad dunga maut ka bhaalaa,

Edited To Add: The 1998 Best Movie Dialogue was awarded to ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’ which I honestly think is a joke. On request of Amit Simant, there is one more dialogue added.

Munni meri bahan Munni, Ooth,

To Tu Mar Gayi?

Lamboo Ataa ne tuze lamba kar diya?

Maachis ki tili ko khamba kar diya?


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  1. Wednesday, July 22, 2009 4:13 pm

    dude first of all i apprciate u n even thank u to write such kinda article on “The God”hehehe. i wont comment on terminator or transformer , but surely like to tell that gunda totally roxxx.. and one thing dude u are missing one more epiclike dialogue ” munni , munni meri munni, tu marr gayi. To tujhe lambu aate ne lamba kardiya , maachis ki tili ko khamba kar diya” hehehehehe great dialogues and yess timing tooo.

  2. Wednesday, July 22, 2009 7:17 pm

    Amit (Rusty),
    Thanks for the compliment and yes the movie roxxx! Thanks for reminding me to add that dialog! And ye, the best part was timing, they were all delivered so seriously. 😀

  3. swapnil permalink
    Sunday, October 11, 2009 4:52 pm

    excellent review……… i really appreciate the way u hv written it…………i really enjoyed dis movie a lot………..and d dialogue ” tune ggana sunaya……………” is my favorite one………plz join Gunda fan Club comm on orkut if u want 2 b wid some more gunda fans……….

  4. veemal permalink
    Thursday, February 17, 2011 10:00 am

    Three more dialogue’s

    Inspector Kale to Bulla on his sisters death

    “Jal gaya hai badan teri behan ka, kar bandobast abb lamboo ate ke kafan ka”

    Shankar to Bulla and his friends

    “Main garibon ke liye hero hoon aur tum jaise longon ke liye villain, naam hai mera Shankar aur hoon Gunda no. 1”

    Pote to Shankar

    “Jyada badbad karke apne jindage mein maut ki gadbad mat kar”

  5. Thursday, October 6, 2011 12:18 pm

    Please check out my watch-through/review of Gunda

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