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The Talibanization of Pakistan – What Should India Do?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Never before has the president of a country has so candidly accepted the victory of an external threat as Zardari did when he said that it would be no surprise if Taliban takes over Pakistan. Dramatically, after the American Diplomat’s visit to Pakistan, the country candidly also accepted its involvement in Mumbai Attacks. After this, two immediate moves were found taken backdoor by Pakistan.

Image Courtesy : Lonely Planet

Image Courtesy : Lonely Planet

First, the release of A. Q. Khan and second was giving Taliban autonomy in the Swat region, merely 160 kilometers from Islamabad. It is still a wonder why America is approving of this act of Pakistan despite its own talk of human freedom and democracy. The non-state actors (NSA) or rather the privatized terrorist groups from Pakistan took the mission to cut India into pieces as their ethical choice. Now, that international pressure is building against them, can Taliban be considered as the new choice from Pakistan to cut India into pieces? It would be just too naïve to not to think so. The sympathizers of Taliban are aplenty in ISI. It is clear from the remarks that the ISI chief is making in his interviews by saying that ‘they are terrorists for us, but freedom fighters for them’, and ‘they should be made into a political party to have their say’. Pakistan Army soldiers were trained with the conviction that they are protectors of Islam and Muslims in Pakistan and their main goal is to fight India. (Not necessarily in defense) What we see is that they are deployed to fight against Taliban who coincidentally claim to be better protectors of Islam with their insistence on Sharia or Islamic law. Pakistan Army has lost just too many soldiers fighting Taliban by now.

The gravest mistake of Pakistan was to let open Afghan border from where Taliban could easily enter Pakistan and now has control even in Islamabad and Lahore. Luckily, we do not share an open border with Pakistan. A smart move from India would be to seal borders with Bangladesh, and with Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet/China. Taliban may have won against Pakistan Army, but let us not over emphasize the might of Taleban. It remains a fact that Taliban could not set up it’s regime in other neighbors of Afghanistan like Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Iran. The coastal protection has received attention after 26/11 but even after a warning from navy chief, nothing significant has happened. Apart from border check, it needs no mention that internal security has to be strengthened like never before. India has to set foot faster towards being a first-world country with a strong economy as the threat of Taliban is always setting foot faster towards India.

As far as Taliban’s enemy is concerned, neither Pakistan nor India is their enemy. Their real enemies are freedom, equality and democracy. Above all, pluralism is very unacceptable to them. After all, Taliban has the dreams of world Islamic conquest and Sharia for the world. That is exactly what Sufi Mohammad of Taliban had said recently.

Once Taliban comes into force in Pakistan, the maximum literacy can never go above 50%, as girls are not allowed schooling. There is quite some skilled work force in Pakistan at present, but if Talibanization of Pakistan continues, the only education they will receive will be Islamic education. Therefore, despite the huge army of suicide bombers, an advanced military will not be feasible in Taliban’s rule. On the contrary, India has increased its defence budget. Air force was one place where Pakistan was drawing parallels to the IAF, but modernization of Indian air force is fast. In addition, Indian Army is being equipped with advanced weaponry. It is necessary if India has decided to stay proactive with Taliban.

The only way Taliban will look for setting up itself in India would be through the local Muslim community. There are not many but a few clerics still do support Taliban. We have witnessed this in the past when quite a few clerics encouraged youth to fight against America in December 2001 in the tribal area. The only thing we should hope is that the mainstream community alienates such clerics and speaks out loudly against them.

Considering the 50% maximum literacy scenario, the economy that Taliban rule can ever create will be next to negligible. What is most important is to cut their funding. The Taliban gets major part of its funding by poppy growing and drug trading. Strict sanctions against this have to come in place.  On one hand, Taliban is full of fighters who claim to have never been defeated, but on the other hand, they lack the modernity and education required to fight in the sophisticated armed world. If Taliban ever opts for modern education, their main theme in brainwashing of getting heaven after killing innocents will loose appeal!

Moreover, let us stop the home-growing Taliban please. Else, the scenario is not that far when a Hindu Taliban along with The Taliban stand side by side with control on nukes! LOLOL 😀

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  1. Wednesday, February 25, 2009 3:16 pm

    dont sweat it ..Hussein O has already alienated any friends of hope for Pakistan..and the beat goes on..great post!:)

  2. Monday, March 2, 2009 9:41 am

    Reminds me of the time when IBN was covering the launch of Sivaji in Chennai, and we could hear huge crowds of ppl shouting “Taliban, Taliban!” in the background! 😀

  3. Joseph permalink
    Monday, March 2, 2009 2:59 pm

    Good post, very educating.. good times are coming, so hold on to the faith…

    Thumbs up

  4. Friday, March 6, 2009 8:14 pm

    Welcome! Yups, that’s true.

    Well, even a movie seems to remind people of Taliban!! 😀

    @Joseph Ekwu
    Yeah, let’s hope the good times come sooner! 🙂


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