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Whom To Blame for Gaza Massacre?

Friday, January 30, 2009

When Gaza massacre occurred there was a lot of tumult in media and people’s mind. Honest reporting is never found and people often find a media source either pro-Israel or pro-Palestine. Most of these decisions seem to be based on emotions of the viewers. As expected, this time, when one of the biggest massacres of the last few decades took place, many people found out the same.

First, it was Hamas that was blamed for launching rockets into Israel and this was even backed by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority PM Mahmoud Abbas who blamed Hamas for the Gaza massacre. News from some sources (including western media sources) came and says it was Israel who broke ceasefire and bombed in Gaza back in July. Israel continued the action on the pretext of self-defense.

A total of 4,000 Qassam rockets have been fired by Hamas in 2000-2008. [Source]

The story form the other side is that it was Israel who broke the ceasefire. They had attacked on a tunnel in Gaza is what these reports say. But, they weren’t large scale attacks as claimed by the anonymous Israel Army soldier and the tunnels were threat to Israel’s security. But, the fact remains that even Palestinian Authority and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have blamed Hamas this time. Also, Israel wanted to stop this menace of increasing range of rockets that Hamas was firing. Initially, it was 10-mile range rockets, then 20-mile and if it is 30-mile that would easily attack the international airport of Tel Aviv as said by Israel’s Foreign Minister Tpizi Lvini.

It’s often said that in case of this conflict, media is always biased from Israel’s side. I don’t know whether it is true or not. The Google News results give hundreds and thousands of links and how can a single person know regarding media bias when there are such a large number of news items?

In all this, what was most irksome was the fact of Hamas’ use of human shields and children suicide bombers. The use of human shields is something that only the inhuman would do. Innocents used as pawns! It is this common technique used that takes toll of many innocents. It has a very good propaganda value too. In a world that is interconnected like never before, just post up pictures of those killed and it gives enough fodder for the brainwashers in various parts of the world for more violence.

Because the retard terrorists live like rats and hide among civilians, it becomes extremely difficult to snuff them out. The attacks by US in Afghan-Pakistan tribal area are thus taking the toll of many innocent civilians. Same was the case with Indian army in Kashmir where insurgents and terrorists were hiding in residential societies. The cases of mistreatment to people there (mostly Muslims) gives fodder again to brainwashers. Exactly, the same with Pakistan army in Baluchistan.

The attack on an UN school in Gaza by Israel was very much criticized by the media. It was the same school from which many children suicide bombers were sent by Hamas. Also, Hamas had attacked one school in Gaza which was providing education to boys and girls together. But, in all this, the one who are suffering the most are innocent children.

As for this conflict, I have given up hopes of peace. A two-state solution seems to be the only option and Hamas denies the existence of Israel completely. That is where the core of the problem is.

When a country is under pressure, it performs its best. When there are scarce natural resources, a country’s culture turns out to be of hard-work like we find in the Far East. It is exactly the constant threat to the existence that Israel has faced that it has become a great military power with one of the most advanced weaponry, apart from a democratic developed country.

Thinking from an Indian perspective, and with no soft corner for either Israel or Palestine in the conflict, I think India must march ahead in its relations with Israel and have more military ties with Israel. I say this with my soft corner for India J

The transcription that the Indian Government gave regarding the 26/11 Mumbai Attack clearly shows terrorists from Pakistan wanted to kill more Jews and disturb India-Israel relations.

What I sense from this is that the terrorists are themselves terrorized by the Israeli might.

Remember, that Pakistan considers Israel as its enemy and does not recognize Israel. If more military ties take place between India and Israel, it is sure to make India a very strong power against Pakistan. That is exactly what Lashkar-e-Toiba fears!

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  1. Monday, March 2, 2009 3:03 pm

    Who do we blame? where do we point our fingers? There is need for world peace and also a stop to the continued unrest in the Gaza area.

    Good work. We need to continually emphasize the need for peace..


  2. Monday, October 13, 2014 3:30 pm

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    The Israel-Jordan-Egypt Natural Gas Agreement and the Gaza War of 2014

    Why Saudi Arabia Blamed Hamas While Qatar Blamed Israel in the 2014 Gaza War


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