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On Blogger And WordPress

Friday, October 3, 2008

Shifting a blog is really such a Herculean task.On my recent move from Blogger to WordPress,I’d realized this.New design,new options,new widgets,and so much.Getting all the HTML codes of favourite widgets,etc.


The interesting themes in WordPress add to this all.I was too confused,or rather am,regarding the choice of theme,and as usual,obsessed with a black background.There are some 42+ themes here.Many people found the Blogger address a very mysterious looking place because of it’s dark background.Despite being well settled there,I’ve got here on WordPress because of the excellent interface,better features.Blogger simply provided colour options,and all the more it provided with matching colours.But,blog stats and other options were pathetic.

The blog stats is the best feature found here.The statistics are an ever attracting thing,be it about anything.The daily number of visits,from which link they came,and if from search results,then what was their search query is all provided.Most viewed posts are given along with the exact no. of views.The links which people clicked,like the underlined hyperlinks,image,or any click for that matter from this place,is also shown here. 

When I recently checked one of the sources from which my blog got a click,it turned out to be some link,and another from Gmail.Bingo!I had informed my friend through Gmail,and the was a mystery.The long squabby link contained the ID of a friend,and it was easy to guess that he’s checked from one of his emails which he received!For someone like me who thinks of himself as a the top guy of IB or CIA,even though I don’t have any right to think so,this feature is a great one.The themes here are pretty unique,and fresh one,unlike the ones in Blogger.Either ways,Wordpress rocks!And it is still a wonder,how a website like Blogger,coming from the home of Google doesn’t give the option of emoticon in it!Neither in the posts,nor in the comment.. 😛 🙂

The lack of emoticons really matters.If a wink like ; ) is entered in a comment along with some casual fact,the other person may misunderstand it as some offence.It happened recently when I wrote at Zubair’s blog in casual sense that ‘Marriage is licence to procreation ; )’ 🙂 .No one could get that I wanted to say it jokingly.

From blog stats,the maxiumum visits are to the post on globalisation,followed by the one on world’s strong economies.It’s time that I should stop posting sporadically,and be a little disciplined in posting. Discipline….Aah 😀 !An unattainable virtue.. 😛

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  1. Thursday, October 16, 2008 1:00 pm

    WordPress rocks! Glad you made the shift! I’ve been using WP for a loooooooooooooooooooong time, and I’m still discovering new things each day! 😀

  2. ameyawaghmare permalink*
    Thursday, October 16, 2008 9:47 pm

    Haha..There’s really a hell lot of difference between them,no comparison.
    BTW,how do you change the image appearing behind ‘Mirror Cracked’?


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