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George Bush:Did The Policies Work?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

George W. Bush,the current Uncle Sam,what does it remind you?Sure,a lot many funny cartoons and caricatures.His start of term was marked by the scandle in Florida province,where it was proven that Al Gore had won the elections.It was Al Gore who had more votes than Bush.Had Al Gore been the president of US,a lot over global warming and renewable energy was to happen by now.

Next to the scandle,Mr.bush was very busy enjoying his vacations at the start of his term.After being elected in January 2001,Uncle Sam was off on leave for almost 35% of the time.Yes,that’s the President of ther United States.

What made him come back to office on a serious note was the 9/11 disaster.

Just 4 commercial flights,and only 2 required to demolish the WTC.We got to see something seen never before live on our television sets.The planning of the attacks was on from 1998 in Afghanistan,with individual terrorists from Saudi Arabia(15 out of 19),UAE,Germany and Morocco.The planning was going from a long time,but what these empty heads missed out was the timing.The first flight which collided on WTC North Tower,hit at around 8:40 am,at a time when barely the offices are filled.The 2nd took place by 8;55,but The first collision was enough to evacuate the people in 2nd tower.The total number of people estimated to be working,or visiting the WTC at peak times was around more than 12,000.But luckily due to bad timing,the toll did not go above 2500.

Bush’s reaction to the attacks was crucial to everyone in the world.A war on Al-Qaeda was the answer,as it was clear that Bin Laden was the mastermind behind.Warnings of an attack were known to the FAA,and a report presented by FBI to Bush in August 1st week wasn’t paid much attention to.The award winning Michael Moore’s movie,Fahrenheit 9/11,has stressed on many details of Bush’s presidency.

Attacking Afghanistan was the right choice then,but it was wrong to go for improved relationship with Saudi and Pakistan.But,Bush does it!We all know what happened in Afghanistan later.The Taliban fell,and thankfully a group of religious fundamentalists was down.That was good for world peace.Many of Al-Qaeda members were caught,but Laden went off.There hasn’t been a single Afghanistan sponsered terror attack since 2001,and the bombings were enough to terrorize the terrorists.Islamic militants didn’t attack US ever again.But,an obsession of eliminating terror form the world was in the mind of Bush.It was not enough to stop there for him.

Later in 2003,USA intelligence had some solid proofs of WMDs in Iraq.If WMDs were not in Iraq,why did Saddam resisted inspection checks from the UN 5 times??A country which never attacked USA,never threatened to do,wasn’t involved in killing at least a single American citizen ever was invaded.There were other points stated as to bring democracy in Iraq,get rid of the dictator,remove Al-Qaeda and similar terror networks in Iraq and the likes.In short,liberate Iraq under the Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Saddam’s hanging,was it good or bad?If we have a look at his life,even before any contact with US,and his atrocities on Kurds and Shi’as,probably it was good.He was against Saudi,against Kuwait,against Iran,against Israel,against US,and hostile to several other countries.Next hitler!!But,why hang when he did not possess any WMDs?Probably bad.The resistance for inspection cost him a lot.

WMDs were not found,bringing in democracy partly happened but the insurgency inside is not ready to stop.I wonder how come the US troops are there to mediate peace as they claim when their own nation is at an economic peril.Al-Qaeda in Iraq is weakened,and that was the good to have happened.

The long extended Iraq war,and also the war on terror has costed dearly,and the economic recession is one fruit of it.

The killings of the innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq isn’t justifiable.A major point to be noted is,that Iraq has the world’s 2nd largest oil reserves.Oil fields are reportedly well protected by US Army.That’s enough to sense whatever we have to.The 9/11 conspiracy also did come up in the US media by 2006,and the Govt. did answer the claims.It’s hard to believe in either of the claims,from the sides of conspiracists as well as Bush Adminsitration.

Bush’s policies are like a Goliath who wants to capture the whole world.Coming back to the basic question,did the poilicies work?80% of the world believes no.For India,yes!Bush had been a favourable person,as he helped outsourcing in every way possible.The Indo-US Nuclear Deal was yet another milestone.Though Uncle wasn’t good for the world and the US itself,he proved favourable to India.This is an era where one has to be economically strong to achieve power.Winning wars can’t win you a great economy.This is not Alexander’s era.John McCain is aggressive on all these failed policies,but thankfuklly Obama is getting an upper hand in the forthcoming elections.It’s crucial for a Democrat to win.US needs one more JFK,and not a Bush.The time demands to invest in economy,alternative energy and fuels,and not in wars.

India took the lead in technology,and is now the world’s 4th strong economy.The country leading in renewable energy will lead the world now,and sadly India does not seem too keen on this.

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  1. jemaldesai permalink
    Monday, September 15, 2008 3:56 am

    I am not too much aware about politics but it is written in such a way that it generates interests to layman like me. It is worth noting games that US plays and happy that it has become favourable to India. India is world’s 4th strong economy…is it with resp to technology and renewable energy or overall? In any case it’s a gr8 thing.

  2. Monday, September 15, 2008 7:52 am

    I devoutly believe that words ought to be weapons. That is why I got into this business in the first place. I don’t seek the title of ‘inoffensive,’ which I think is one of the nastiest things that could be said about an individual writer.ChristopherHitchensChristopher Hitchens

  3. Tuesday, September 16, 2008 4:51 am

    I have a mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it.GrouchoMarxGroucho Marx

  4. Tuesday, September 16, 2008 5:24 am

    Hehehe! Good one! 😀
    Have you seen Fahrenheit 9/11…? 😀

  5. ameyawaghmare permalink*
    Tuesday, September 16, 2008 2:30 pm

    India is 4th strong economy.Read this
    Yeah!Seen the movie Fahrenheit 9/11..Wat abt you?I’d say it’s a must watch.
    And yeah,congrats for the 100 posts!

  6. Wednesday, September 17, 2008 10:20 pm

    … I’ve seen the devil of violence, and the devil of greed, and the devil of hot desire; but, by all the stars! these were strong, lusty, red-eyed devils, that swayed and drove men — men I tell you.JosephConradJoseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

  7. Thursday, September 18, 2008 6:29 pm

    Whether it is a black cat or a white cat, as long as it can catch the rat, it is a good cat.DengXiaoPingDeng Xiao Ping

  8. Friday, September 19, 2008 5:51 am

    Thanks! 😀
    Yup, I’ve seen that movie thrice! Amazing! 😀

  9. Rowan permalink
    Friday, September 26, 2008 10:17 am

    Hmmm, interesting take on the whole issue. Yours is probably the only writing about Bush that has included both good and bad points, which is nice to see. And your point about outsourcing was well made. I hadn’t stopped to think about what that meant to countries besides the USA.
    Economy, of course, is the route to power now more than ever, as you pointed out. In a world where it is the necessities which people lack, and the excesses which are in plentiful supply, economy holds a defining position in the world’s future survival.

    Also, this is the second time I’ve had to write this, as my entry was deleted because I didn’t enter my e-mail. Is there a way you can adjust that, so the people can return to the same screen to enter their e-mail without losing all their text?

    Either way, good entry there. Well written, except for a couple of misspellings :).


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