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Free Internet! Some Stats And Facts

Monday, August 18, 2008

Interestingly, there is this option of free internet coming soon 🙂 ! Indian ISPs have been charging exorbitantly high prices, with no quality, or speed in return. Now, Indian government plans to give out free internet all across the country by 2009!! Thanks to the visionary we have, our Honorable Respected Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh! Of course, you must be having many questions about this all, but a detailed news article in ET has all your answers. And there’s even more! Our favorite Google is about to complete it’s ambitious project of free internet in the world! It has even declared free internet at some places. They are doing this by using WI-fi sensors made up of cheap material of which commodes are generally built :O ! Start using it and get the detailed info from their official site: Certainly, free internet can change the face of the world with more spam, and more naughty guys to give you a headache. I recommend to check out the Google link of high speed free internet without fail 🙂

Why internet? Today’s is the Information Age: the world will be able to tell the rich from the poor not by GNP figures, but by their Internet connections. The internet is surely one of the important tools behind globalization, or in other words,’A Flattener’ which causes flattening process of the globe. Can you guess which place will have the maximum business and allied transactions in world? (please consider the soaring oil prices too)

The answer will not be any physical location, but the Internet. Having low cost internet has multiple advantages and I’ve tried to put in a few.

  • Reduce dependency on transportation and thus save costs on oil.
  • Have a larger e-commerce industry.
  • Increase in services sector and better services delivered to you, all online.
  • Help further accelerate globalization and work well for all.
  • Have more employment due to the rising e-commerce and services industry.
  • And of course, higher penetration of internet in people’s life, which will help all the above points to appear in reality.

Low cost internet is definitely one good way to tackle the rising oil prices. With soaring oil prices,sure  renewable sources of energy need to be developed, and the research on it has to be accelerated. But,meanwhile getting majority of the things done online can also help. It will surely your save time and money on petrol/diesel. But, most importantly, this can help reduce the demand of oil to some extent though this is not a solution to the crisis.

Particularly, if we consider the Indian scenario, the sixth largest consumer of oil, and with not much reserves, reducing internet prices will certainly help. Forget the point of oil, it is sure to spearhead economic progress with a higher speed. When we are famous for software/IT industry, and boast about the no. of engineers churning out, the Net has to be highly penetrated here.

Also, the Indian e-commerce industry hasn’t witnessed a boom, and more penetration of internet also means an increase in the Services industry. Currently, Indian services sector accounts to around 56% of the economy, and can grow to 75% easily as in case of most developed economies. Sure, this will give a lot many services delivered to you at your doorsteps, and simultaneously increased employment.

Now, have a look on the top 20 countries with internet users.

China has recently reached the top. If you observe, this is somewhat also the list of the top 20 economies! The importance of flatteners cannot be underestimated and the more internet friendly a country, stronger is its economy. By number though India, China may seem ahead but they are pathetic in terms of penetration. USA has 22 crore internet users out of their 30 crore populace. Astonishingly, Japan has 9.4 crore users from a near about 12 crore populace.

All this talk leads to penetration now.

In terms of penetration, the global average is of 22%. Notably, Japan has 74% penetration, and USA at 72%. The highest was found at Greenland with a whopping 92.3%! Norway, Australia, New Zealand are all with more than 75% internet users in their general populaton!India and China,despite the high figures above,have lesser users as compared to the general populace and are far below the world average of 22%,standing at pathetic 5 and 9 percentages respectively.The detailed list can be found here.

“Technology is only as powerful as it is accessible.
Broader access brings education, information, and
a sense of community that can help combat AIDS,
malnutrition, ignorance and neglect. The power of
a connected and enlightened world community
is just beginning.”

— Hector Ruiz, Chairman of the Board
and President of AMD

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  1. Tuesday, August 19, 2008 4:57 am

    Hey! Pretty interesting facts! 🙂
    Good to see that India has almost 61 million users of the internet… 🙂

  2. Wednesday, August 27, 2008 3:31 am

    Hope India comes with free Internet…as of now I am counting bytes !!!

  3. Sunday, August 31, 2008 7:54 pm

    First Of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!!!!
    Now i din kno india had so many internet users thanks for the information.
    SEcondly gr8 post after the economies post its best and i liked the analogy between the oil and internet as also the one between internet and Nations economies
    Hope this dream indeed becomes a reality!!!
    keep blooginn eagerly awaiting your next post

  4. Wednesday, September 3, 2008 10:02 am

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