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World’s Strong Economies!!

Friday, July 4, 2008


Keep your eyes here, on this post to read… Don’t keep staring the notes!! You won’t get them by staring for long.

But, let’s have a look on who has already got enough of it with them. By ‘them’, I mean countries and not individuals.

The world’s strongest economies have been fast changing positions but one name was constant all through the 20th century. Yes,the USA. I’m getting most of my clicks from there,in fact the highest. The number of clicks recently have increased rapidly too and I request any of my blog readers here that please subscribe by providing your email in the right side of the page and also do comment on posts. That’s my only fuel for this blog.

Calling the US as the only superpower will not be fair enough to say. Things are changing fast. As per many sources, the list of wealthiest countries in the world can be found, but a detailed Wikipedia list gives rankings from the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and CIA.

Strikingly, or rather expectantly, capitalist and free-market countries are in this top list with the only exception of Russia. China has opted for much of capitalist concepts in it’s economy, although not in governance and has opened up too. US still lies at the first place and Japan dominantly stayed at the second position from long. Only recently, China overtook and ensured second place for itself and pushed Japan to the third. Surprising is the case of India, which jumped from the 12th place to the 4th and recently went ahead of Germany to put it on 5th spot. In the year 2007, India was the new member to join the league of countries with $1 trillion economy. By the way, if we consider EU, it is above the US and Arab League stands at the 6th place. The advantage which outsourcing and off-shoring gave to countries like Brazil,Russia,India and China(BRIC) is tremendous. These 4 nations have got a place in the first 10 also.

Though, US and Japan were called the superpowers, same title deserves to be crowned on India and China soon,it seems. US is experiencing one of the deadliest recessions ever, whereas China and India are at an upswing with 10% and 8% growth respectively. The Soviet Union may soon level with US. European countries are found the highest in number in the first 10.

But,all this doesn’t resemble the true story. Although at 2nd place here, China’s per capita is at the 99th place, thanks to communism. Though India at 4th, by per capita, it is at 118th even after being a democracy and close to states like Indonesia (114 per-capita, 16th in this list) and Pakistan(126th per-capita, 28th overall).

The striking fact is that nations with not so high populations are on top of the list.

All in the top 20, excepting the 4, US, India, China, Indonesia have a populace of below fifteen crore. When it comes to per-capita, countries with smaller populations are doing far well too, than their counterparts, excepting the US (4th-per capita).

Seems controlled population works both ways!


Rank Country GDP (PPP) $MM
Flag of World World 65,610,000
Flag of Europe European Union 14,380,000
1 Flag of the United States United States 13,840,000
2 Flag of the People's Republic of China People’s Republic of China 6,991,000
3 Flag of Japan Japan 4,290,000
4 Flag of India India 2,989,000
5 Flag of Germany Germany 2,810,000
6 Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom 2,137,000
7 Flag of Russia Russia 2,088,000
8 Flag of France France 2,047,000
9 Flag of Brazil Brazil 1,836,000
10 Flag of Italy Italy 1,786,000
11 Flag of Spain Spain 1,352,000
12 Flag of Mexico Mexico 1,346,000
13 Flag of Canada Canada 1,266,000
14 Flag of South Korea South Korea 1,201,000
15 Flag of Turkey Turkey 888,000
16 Flag of Indonesia Indonesia 837,800
17 Flag of Australia Australia 760,800
18 Flag of Iran Iran 753,000
19 Flag of the Republic of China Taiwan, R.O.C. 695,400
20 Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands 639,500
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  1. mindbodysoul permalink
    Tuesday, July 8, 2008 1:34 pm

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  2. Thursday, November 13, 2008 5:41 pm

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  3. George E. Mrad permalink
    Saturday, November 15, 2008 3:57 pm

    what´s about Argentina?

    Welcome George Mrad! Argentina is at 23th place – IMF, 22nd place – World Bank, 23rd- CIA World Factbook. It was on Wikipedia! 🙂

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