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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hi there!
I was having a thought on this from quite some time…But as said earlier,thoughts not really getting converted into action.A simple question,for what reason most of the battles in the past were fought?The above pic will give an idea.It’s the shape of Statue of Liberty formed by the American soldiers in Iowa state sometime during the World War I,and a total of 1800 men were used for this purpose.The answer,either extra love for one’s motherland,power or for freedom,independence.It was after decades long struggle that India has achieved independence.Human freedom has got it’s share in the 20th century,and 21st century is said to celebrate it.Political liberty,human liberty,economic liberty,and many such liberties form the basis for liberty.
An obvious question arises now,if liberty is so much important,but what exactly is it?I’ll try to demonstrate my idea with the help of an example.Almost everyone reading this post must have be owning a 2/4 wheeler.One owning a vehicle surely has got the freedom to drive it,enjoy,and the responsibility of the bike too.This doesn’t mean one can ram any other vehicle as if in a video game,or keep roaming all the time.The freedom to own the vehicle meant the responsibility,proper care and decent fun.This is what liberty of vehicle meant,or for that matter any thing at the place of vehicle.
If we have a look at the world’s most developed nations,we will find many of them liberals.The US,whole of EU,and Pacific region(Oceania) serve good examples for this.The European countries,despite history of two world wars,have united together to form European Union,and a common currency of Euro accepted in many countries.Conservative countries like China have their ongoing controversies with India on the Arunachal border issue,and claim their complete control over Tibet.In the conservative,or rather fundamentalist middle-east(excepting a few countries though),a battle or two are found at any random point of time.Latest being the one in Lebanon,the one in Iraq,the Darfur crisis in Sudan,and the evergreen Israel-Palestine going.Peace can be found at the civilian level in all liberal developed nations,be it Asian,the American continent,Europe or elsewhere.
Rebels and mavericks bring a change at any place,but their presence can thrive only at a liberal place.Some meanings of liberty though have lost their meaning with time.Liberty is modesty.Freedom is discipline.Most of the world’s successful people will be found liberal in their attitude.Amir Khan was right in his stance when he refused to apologize to a Gujarat politician on some of his words in the film ‘Fanaa’,stating it would be an insult of all freedom fighters.If he apologized,that would have marked no freedom of expression.Freedom does not mean there is no judiciary,law or administration,intelligence agencies set up.As a matter of fact,conservative nations like China and earlier India,despite their all noise over vulgarity,and culture,have got the highest populations in the world.By calling others bad,you can’t prove yourself good.But this is what conservatives practice.How in this world can one ever achieve peace and prosperity,with conservatism and fundamentalism present in the society?

The essence of any fundamentalism is the view that there is only one possible explanation for reality, that everybody else is deluded and that the world would be a better place if other people just got with the programme and accepted the self-evident correctness of my opinion.

Independence is living in-dependence!!
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