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Saturday, March 15, 2008

We all use some or the other browser for surfing the internet.Mostly,people stick to Internet Explorer[IE,the default provided],but there are quiet a few using Mozilla Firefox too.Market share mostly seems to belong to IE,but Firefox is gaining popularity fast.The pie-chart shows statistics for the 4 main browsers in use.viz.,Microsoft IE,Mozilla Firefox,Apple’s Safari and Opera.

Clearly,IE rules the chart,but Mozilla is catching up too.Considering the large share of Microsoft in OSs,IE was but obvious to come up but Mozilla roxxx!The browsers are now open for all OSs and don’t stick to their company OS…Like Firefox:Linux,IE:Microsoft and Safari:Macintosh…
The edge which Firefox has is in the department of add-ons.And this post is entirely dedicated to one beautiful add-on,’Hyperword‘!If you use the Internet for searching purpose most of the times and want a good speed,then I’ll suggest you to go for Firefox with Google Toolbar and with the add-on,Hyperword.I just can’t count how much they will make your surfing experience smoother and faster!Now,the obvious thought you must have had…What it does??
In your surfing experience,just think how many times you check out these sites,or sometimes want to visit any of these sites but of-course you don’t,as you are bored to open them in a new tab/window,copy-paste the term and then look for it.The sites…
For Search:Google[its Web,Images and Video search],Flickr,Youtube,Netflix,Metacafe,Dailymotion.
For People:LinkedIn,,Friendster,Facebook,MySpace,Yahoo!People.
For Geography:Google Maps,Yahoo!Maps,Windows Live Maps,country info[ ],local time[ ],weather[ ]
For Reference:Wikipedia,Wiktionary,Google Definition,Google Timeline Search,,,hear a word spoken,look for Acronyms[ ],,IMDb,,Financials[Google Finance Search],share prices.
For Translation:Mostly Altavista Babelfish Translation, [I doubt if anyone uses this!translation from any language to any language]
For Conversion:Maybe for currency conversion[Many times in US$ and Euro],for temperature conversion[never understand Fahrenheit,right?],for weight conversion[the websites always have it in pounds],for distance conversion[always measured in miles],for volume conversions[often its given in gallons],for speed conversion[always in miles/hr]
Or else just think,you want to view in a specific format,or go to some link in current tab/new tab/new window,or go to Skype,or print immediately.
For Shopping:Amazon,Craigslist,iTunes,PriceGrabber,or Ebay[I’m sure not many in India look for any of these!]
For Email:Go on your email client,and then go to the compose/write mail link.
For Blog:Maybe to post on your blog at Blogger,Twitter,LiveJournal,Wordpress,or to search at Technorati,Clusty,IceRocket,Sphere,Podzinger or to subscribe in My Yahoo!,Newsgator,My AOL,Rojo,Bloglines,Netvibes,Google Reader.
For Tagging:Tagging a page at[now], Blinklist,Digg,Mixx,Furl,Newswine,Spurl or for searching in,My,Blinklist,Flickr,Technorati.
For Page info:You may want to get some info on the page like its PageRank,Alexa traffic rank,
Google cache,keyword density,view the source code,or get the IP location,etc. and etc.!

Impressive list,right?Now,just imagine if all these words in bold letters above are just available at your right click,followed by the options of all those websites,wouldn’t you love it?Yes,that’s what exactly Hyperwords does!And the earlier version required to click on any of the sites,and the websites opened in a new tab/window.But now,to give some more sweet music to your ears,the new version[hyperwords 3.6] offers something even new,you don’t even have to leave your tab for getting all the info[see the screenshot below].There’s no such word to describe[let me know if you know] it but the demonstration provided in the demo video is also more than sufficient for you to understand…
BTW,hope you all got to know that I haven’t really prepared that list on my own,but rather I’ve just put all those websites from which information is derived in HyperwordS πŸ™‚ !If you like to collect information on anything,this is the tool designed only for you.A list of commands which can be executed in this add-on will help you more.

The new version of IE,i.e. IE8(in beta),has been launched and simultaneously Firefox 3(in beta).Though in beta,you may try them but my opinion is let the nerds work more on these browsers and wait until they give out a final release.. :)!!

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  1. Greegrestovit permalink
    Monday, April 13, 2009 8:25 pm

    I’m new to this blog. Apologize for asking this though, but to OP…
    Do you know if this can be true; ?
    it came off
    Thanks πŸ™‚

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