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A Brain Checkup!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008
The Moving Lady

The Moving Lady

Now,sit straight,take a deep breath and look at the picture above.What did you see[off-course apart from the girl]?In which direction is the girl moving?Anti-clockwise or clockwise?
If you find her moving anti-clockwise,you are left brained,and vice versa.I found her moving clockwise,so it means I’m right brained πŸ™‚ !BTW,a similar test which I took on Tickle said I’m left-brained and also provided a detailed report.Taking this into account,I came to the conclusion that I’m neither right nor left,but great brained πŸ˜‰ !!Most people who saw this .gif found her moving anti-clockwise,and I seem one from the minority.Now,to check on what this means,different traits of the left-brained and the right-brained are given here .After going through the list,I was convinced that I’m somewhat more of a left-brained.

This picture,basically published on CNET owned has made rounds on the Internet,but not much through forwarded emails.if you want to see the beautiful lady moving in the opposite direction,I’ll suggest you to look away from your monitor for 5/6 seconds and then again look at the picture.This may help,or try watching the left leg as still,and then consider the right leg still.This worked for me.BTW,this gives us an idea of perceptive rivalry,how same thing can be seen with different perceptions.On same issue,two different politicians having two different perceptions keep on debating,though both are no-brained,and same is true with two persons arguing on something.A list of many such illusions is provided on a page at the University of Queensland’s[Australia] URL.

Now,answer me,where do you want a place?In the heaven or hell?I didn’t believe this but when I was surfing casually,I came across a website which helps you to book a place at heaven as well to book a place at hell!!I didn’t leave reality until I read about these illusions,but seeing the links to heaven and hell through the Internet was beyond my imagination.I haven’t checked the website thoroughly though,but I recommend you to,for it will provide you with some entertainment!It also provides some option to choose your destiny.. πŸ˜› .There’s limit of stupidity I believe,even in case of spamming or advertising.

Live in reality[the reality which we so call]!

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