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India’s Burgeoning Population

Friday, June 22, 2007

First of all a hello to everyone of my readers there…Well this is my first blog out here….So I thought of putting quality first at least.. 🙂
Hello folks(guess you’re not fictitious)!
Please do neglect my ‘about me’ section written there,as that was not seriously filled.You will know me from now,from my analyses and observations on different topics.Hope I’ll be writing once a month.Sorry,no more personalization to bug you all.
In fact,I was to start with very first blog on ‘India’s Development Issues’ but it would have ben too long,and my intent here is not to bore you.So,I would be having different posts on different factors.
This thought has been in my mind from quite some time over population as personally I’m a person hating crowded places,and places with chaos.It seems I’m likely to bring up a population debate at every place I go.
India is a land which is gifted with lot many natural resources,but still India’s GDP is one of the lowest amongst world,thanks to our ever increasing population.The GDP index is increasing somehow in the last few years but we won’t achieve a radical progress because of the mighty population we possess.In fact going one step ahead,I believe that population is the worst problem faced presently by us.Just think on this,India stands not below the 4th place under any consideration of purchasing power parity[PPP].This means there is no scarcity of money here,but when it comes to per capita,we stand at 118th place!Forget GDP,but there are innumerable problems arising out due to this which can’t be listed in words.Like,one of my friends was frustrated on not getting railway reservation few days ago for Bombay,and the wait in the queue[for an hour] had only added in the mess.
If we consider the cases of few developed nations,its clear that they have advanced because of their less population and good governance.Logically,good governance is achieved if population is less!Just look at examples like Luxembourg,Norway,Australia,NZ,UK and maybe Antarctica after few years?People don’t tend to care much for each other,as we got multiple human options.Not only this,but too many children brought up at a home which does not have a strong financial support yields few uncivilized citizens for the nation.
At any place,the pressure of competition experienced is high if a large crowd exists.Simply to put,what all I want to say is,it becomes ‘Quantity More,Quality Less’.Just look at the rush in medical,engineering and other national level exams,many hard-working and deserving students miss what they wanted by few ranks….Other side effects can be more traffic,longer queues,no reservation availability,and mebbe no oxygen,or even an earthquake?
As I said,there are many problems which can’t be listed,I just somehow got few in words.
But,yes some plus points of it as mentioned by our respected President Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam is the number of educated youth which we will get[considering good education provided],if they are shaped towards the right direction,it can work wonders and thats what the real challenge lies ahead,infront of the young generations.
Friends,please give ur comments on my 1st post.

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  1. <b> Chhaya </b> permalink
    Friday, June 29, 2007 3:21 am

    humm, nice article, nice write up!
    i m looking forward to more from u. just two suggestions, change the backgrnd color as it hurts the eyes (light font on dark bk). and secondly, enable the “show comment in new window”..

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